Greetings From AstralDoc

I am AstralDoc, and I'm contacting you from a distant land. I've sent you a special ship called the AstralBlast, which can shrink itself and anyone in it down to a miniscule size and travel inside the human body.
I want you to pilot the AstralBlast, and take it into people's body to fight germs like bacteria and viruses in their tissues. In addition to fighting germs, you will spend time in the lungs to clear out dangerous particles from smoking and vaping, and also spend time in the blood to cleanse toxins from alcohol and other drugs.
I have enrolled you in the AstralDoc Training Academy so that you can eventually join the AstralDoc Medic Corps. You will advance through the academy and the Medic Corps by fighting germs, particles, toxins, and other hazards. You will also be required to answer health questions to get promoted through the various ranks. Study information is located in the Health link above.

Building the AstralBlast

There are six different AstralBlast skills. In the beginning, you are given a prototype ship to test your abilities and to introduce you to the various environments. This prototype ship only has the Health Skill and the Attack Skill. After you receive your first promotion, you will be given the fully functional AstralBlast ship.

AstralBlast Skills

Health: Determines maximum Health Points

Attack: Determines the base weapon attack and the strength of weapon attacks. Also determines the duration of active weapon upgrades from power-ups.

Aura: Switch between using Attack Aura and Defense Aura by touching their respective symbol on the screen. You can switch back and forth as many times as you like, but only one aura will be active at any given time.
  • Attack Aura (red) - Increases damage done by AstralBlast weapon
  • Defense Aura (blue) - Decreases damage taken by the AstralBlast

  • Aura Augments (Aura Power-Ups):
  •      Enhances the strength of the auras even more when active
  •      The duration of active aura augment is determined by the aura skill level
  •      Also, for the Attack Aura only, the combination of active aura augment, high attack skill level, and high weapon power-up can produce special weapon attacks!

WBC: summons miniature white blood cell(s) to help out. The skill also helps to increase attack damage and helps to increase the chances of power-ups appearing

Heal: Determines how much and how quickly health points are restored to the AstralBlast

Summon: Increases the chances of weapon upgrade power-ups appearing as well as aura power-ups appearing

You can increase the skills with sufficient amounts of nutrients (carbohydrates, fats, and proteins). Nutrients can be obtained by:
  • Successfully completing levels. The higher the level, the more nutrients you get. There is also bonus nutrients for killing many of the small bacteria in the tissue. You may play any level as many times as you want, so nutrients can be gathered by going back and playing lower levels.
  • Brewing nutrients. Brewing produces lots of nutrients and can also produce the special Astral Source, which increases skills as well. Brews can be obtained by a variety of ways. For example, the first time you successfully complete a level, if you kill a lot of the small bacteria, you will get a bonus brew in addition to the bonus nutrients.

Try to get all the skills to their ceiling value to best face the challenges of the current max level. If the skills are less than their ceiling level, you may not be strong enough to get past all the hazards. And at higher levels, the challenges can be difficult even when all the skills are at their ceiling value. If you want even more power and have Astral Source available, the Astral Source can raise skills beyond the ceiling value as well! (Although at a slower rate)